Phonics Bingo

Phonetics is a popular method of teaching children to learn about basic child to read connection sounds with letters or groups of letters. For example, the child learns that the hard “k” sound with the letter “c”, “k” or “ck” connected. To be fair, not phonics as a method of reading have been controversial, especially in the United States since at least the mid 19th century, and especially since the rebirth of phonetics in 1950.

   Teachers who use phonics, generally used in a variety of different classroom activities. Not only when students read books and papers, for example, phonetics and phonics-based skills in many classroom activities and learning games, including, for example, be integrated into the bingo.

   Phonics Bingo is played like traditional bingo game: Each player (student) card with five out of five grid of squares is given, and is a dotted line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) in response to the elements of Bingo caller (master) called. But the difference between phonetics and traditional bingo cards bingo is that, rather than printed with numbers, printed with the words according to the lesson topic. In addition, the game can be modified in a variety of ways.

   Some ideas for phonics bingo include:

A. Word bingo game – The teacher says something like “Find” pin “the word in it,” in response to which the student will find “spin.”

   The second combination of bingo – The teacher reads a word slowly, for example, “sss-aaa-nnn-p”, and students must find the corresponding word.

   Busta third bingo – The teacher reads a word and students must find the word that rhymes with it.

   4th Silent E Bingo – The teacher reads a word like “pin” and asked what would be the word by E.

   Remember also that phonetics is not a complete solution for learning to read. Students must also learn a few words that are not explored to recognize (list the most common words such as Dolch Sight Words known). Many teachers also emphasize the learning of other eyes to read common words (such as “is” or “she”), and can improve reading fluency. Therefore, the game of bingo and phonetics, you can also play bingo sight words in class.